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inspiring healing journeys
for women



Known as the Reset Coach, Brigit Hegarty is a global Online Wellness Coach and founder of Two Tone Yoga.


Yoga teacher and mother, Brigit's approach is holistic. Utilising a range of therapy techniques and nutrition she facilitates Self Empowerment and Optimal Health Leveraging women in business. 


Her vision for supporting women's health is delivered with uncompromising quality and passion, knowing the important impact this has on the next generation.


In her signature Online Programme 'Burnout Buster' Brigit and her team of therapy & nutritional specialists guide clients to regain health and confidence that may have been deteriorated by burnout due to stress, parenting and work. She enables women entrepreneurs to reach their full potential and experience true personal growth.


The opportunity of experiencing strength, resilience and energy both physically and mentally, without using lengthy time consuming methods, dramatically changes her clients lives. 


Reach out and access all you deserve to live a vibrant, successful and enriching life.

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